Friday, 24 October 2014

Morality 8 - Causes of Crime: Environmental

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Causes of Crime: Environmental

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In the 2012/13 period there were 237 crimes reported in the Clarkston area[1] compared to 2,036 in Possilpark, East Glasgow[2].  Why is this?  Why are people in the East End of Glasgow more likely to commit crimes than those in Clarkston?  We know there is a direct link between poverty and crime, but there is also a link between poverty and location.  There are notably more drug and alcohol related crimes in more deprived areas.  In 2011/12 there were 917,000 violent incidents in the UK where the offender(s) were under the influence of alcohol, which accounted for 47% of violent offences committed that year[3].

In Scotland between 2012/13 there were 5,313 class A drug (heroin, cocaine, etc.) seizures, 22,185 class B (codeine, cannabis, etc.), and 3,544 class C (diazepam, etc.) seizures.  Scotland has a notable drug problem.  From the graph here we can see that the Strathclyde region, which includes Glasgow, makes up just over 40% of the population but also 58% of all drug seizures were in the Strathclyde region.  Where you live and what you’re exposed to have an influence on what kind of person you are or will be.  If you live in a deprived area then you are more likely to commit or be the victim of crime, more likely to have family members involved with crime, and more likely to be exposed to drugs and alcohol.




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