Friday, 24 October 2014

Morality 7 - Causes of Crime: Family

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Causes of Crime: Family

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The Mail on Sunday asked 1,000 adults what they believed to be the cause of violent crime.  53% of respondents thought that lack of parent discipline was the main cause and 13% thought it was a result of broken homes[1].  As children grow they learn the positive effect of being loved and cared for which compels them to love and care for other people.  The early years of a child’s development is crucial for the type of person they will become.  If this is lacking then they won’t grow up with good role models in their lives, they won’t be taught the difference between right and wrong, and may be more likely to commit crimes.

People who have family in prison are more likely to themselves get into trouble with the law.  There has also recently been work showing that there may be a genetic link to crime[2].  If your patents are criminals then they may pass their genes on to you.  Again what we need to ask is if this is an acceptable excuse.  If you’re a criminal because of your genes can you really be blamed?  What about those who have criminals in their family but they themselves lead law abiding lives?



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