Friday, 24 October 2014

Morality 6 - Causes of Crime: Economic

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Causes of Crime: Economic

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In 2008 the world was hit with one of the worst economic depression since the 1930’s.  In the UK there was mass-unemployment.  The Con-LibDem coalition introduced controversial policies that were accused of targeting the poor and vulnerable.  Both public and private sector employees were hit with a pay freeze whilst the cost of living rose year on year; people simply ran out of money.  Crime statistics for shoplifting in Scotland show a spike in crime at the start of the recession. 

Economic factors are a cause of crime as people may commit crime because they need to.  They may need money, they may be in debt and need to sell drugs or assault someone.  It’s the classic Les Miserable story of the man stealing bread to feed his family.  It is of course not as simple as stealing to stay alive.  Unemployment of youth has been noted as causing them to fall into gangs and groups who commit crimes as part of a group.  The bigger question is who is to blame for this?  Is the individual to blame for making the choice?  Or is the government, bankers, global market, to blame for causing the circumstances where someone steals?

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