Sunday, 26 October 2014

Morality 18: Prison

Higher RMPS Podcast
Types of Punishment - Prison

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The High Courts can sentence serious criminals to prison.  Prison, as outlined before, can offer society protection.  Scotland has 16 prisons with 8,205 prisoners being detained.  Sentences can vary from a few days for lighter offenses and life for more serious crimes.  It is important to appreciate the wide range of crimes that can result in imprisonment.  Not all prisoners are imprisoned for violent crimes; some are incarcerated for fraud and theft.  The budget for the Scottish Prison Service spends £325M per year which is on average £32,371 per person.  Prisoners are kept confined with the prison grounds.  Their freedoms and rights are restricted.

Strengths:  Prisons have spent a lot of money on rehabilitation services and if effective they can stop criminals reoffending.  Prisons offer education programs as well as drug and alcohol rehab services.  People feel safer with criminals locked up.  Prison also gives prisoners a chance to get away from the people and places that led them to committing crimes.

Weaknesses:  Those in prison for drug offenses are still able to get hold of drugs.  53% of criminals in Scotland reoffend.  Prisons are very expensive to run and maintain, with a yearly cost of £32,371 per prisoner we have to ask if the money could be spent more effectively.

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