Sunday, 26 October 2014

Morality 17: Community Service

Higher RMPS Podcast
Types of Punishment - Community Service

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Community Service

Community Service is a court ordered punishment that has both a reformative and punitive function.  A judge or sheriff has the authority to order a criminal to perform between 80 and 300 hours of community service instead of sending them to jail.  Community Service can include cleaning litter, scrubbing graffiti off of walls, gardening, and repairing local areas.  The object of Community Service orders is to provide unpaid work which is of value to the community as an alternative to prison.

Strengths:  Local communities get to see offenders giving something back.  Graffiti and damage that has been caused by crime will be fixed by offenders.  Community service is also far cheaper than prison.

Weaknesses: Community service can be seen as too soft a punishment.  Offenders often find it humiliating and demeaning causing them to resent the community which may cause them to commit further crimes.

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