Saturday, 25 October 2014

Morality 13: Purposes of Punishment - Reformation

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Purposes of Punishment - Reformation

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There are times when it may as if we are punishing someone but in fact we are trying to help them.  There are reasons, as we’ve covered, why people commit crimes.  Reformation, or rehabilitation, recognises the reasons why a person has ended up in court and tries to help them so that it they can lead a better life.  This can take the form of drug and alcohol treatment, anger management, and help to relocate.  Prisons offer services such as education, vocational skills, and helping them be part of society whilst contributing to society.  There is a danger that if we do not fix the reason why someone is in prison then the cycle will continue and they’ll simply end up back inside.

Strengths:  This could lead to a better society, one where we take care of each other.  People would get a second chance and not be left to fall through the cracks. 

Weaknesses:  It may be seen as too lenient.  Victims and their families may not feel that they have received justice.  There are no guarantees that they won’t reoffend

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